Loteria Nacional… Lottery of the Spanish

Playing the lottery is a dream of many individuals and of course it can be fun whether you win or lose. Many people who play, mostly do it for the fun and in return, they get the lucky chance of winning. Seeing the chance of winning the lottery can be a 1 to millions possibility, just hoping that you win will be an added feature and bonus of playing. Many persons really do take it seriously because they have their dream in mind and wanting so much to win to fulfill these dreams. They don’t really consider the very low chances of winning because they are determined and put out all measures to make sure they follow the guides, tips, and strategies offered to them to win.

Loteria Nacional - Useful Facts for All Lottery Lovers

Loteria Nacional – Useful Facts for All Lottery Lovers

The Spanish lottery is very important to the country because of the unique features that are associated with it. You can be sure of winning even with the tough chance while playing. Though it is a lottery, it has other features different from those of many other lotteries. When you decide to play this lottery, you know you will have as many tips you need in order to guide you on a path of getting the chance to win. Many people will definitely ask you why are you playing the lottery when you have such a thin chance of willing? Well, you can do whatever makes you happy and what you want to do for fun.

When you play this Spanish lottery, you can follow the following tips which have been gathered from past winners as well as experts who have studied the lotto over the many years. They have taken into consideration how the game is played, how the numbers are chosen, what the number selection is like, meaning lower batch or higher batch, etc. They have made a compilation too of all the features they have put in place on what they have sought after to choose the perfect numbers.

The Spanish lottery has been going over 250 years and have never gone or done any illegal gains in cheating the millions of players who have participated. Their cost is relatively low in comparison to many other kinds of lottery ticket cost. So, what is the perfect way to win the nacional-loteria.com? First and foremost, go out and buy your ticket whether in the practical sense or via an online medium. Yes, they do sell it online for those who prefer to do so in private or those who can’t get to go out to a physical store. You can buy as many tickets as you wish and in every draw if you want as this would give you among the greatest chances of winning.

Each of the lottery tickets cost up to 20 euros and are bought in tenths. This means it can go up to 200 euros, a little costly but worth the while if you win. The winnings can go as far in the high millions and the Christmas draw, the most coveted. It is the highest draw of the year and more persons tend to enter this draw for the many benefits. The thing with this lottery is that you don’t personally choose your numbers but get automatic numbers chosen for you which means you can get lucky or not. They are printed on a ticket when you make your purchase.

To win, you must:

  • Match all the numbers in the draw as printed on your ticket(s). But the fun part about it is that you still have a chance of winning a smaller prize even if every number except the last two is the same. You may also get a refund if you don’t win but your last two number matches that of the jackpot winner.

When playing the lottery but is out of Spain, you can always join the online fun and purchase your tickets there. They offer the greatest features as many locations across the web but is up to you to be careful of who you are buying from. In all honesty, not every online game site is trusted so before you purchase, you need to ensure you do your research to prove their authenticity and reliability in delivering what they should. But overall, an online purchase can be seen as one of the easiest methods of buying the nacional-loteria.com games. This method provides a flexible and somewhat more discreet way of purchase.

Spanish Lottery games

Spanish Lottery games

Why should you play the Spanish Lottery?

There are many reasons why people play lottery gmaes, specially the Spanish Loteria Nacional. They consider the fun they will gain from it as well as the mega millions up for grabs that will change the way their lives have been going. Though many persons don’t really alter their lives in a huge way, it does change. Buying the Spanish lottery will give individuals the chance to live the dream they always had without having to go so out of place. This means they can easily pay off those debts, start a new life and of course, sail away into the Caribbean seas during the late evening sunshine. You can always go for that vacation or even the “staycation” you so longed for while freeing your mind of all the stress that comes with life.

But bear in mind amidst all that enjoying life, you need to be mindful of the future and setting yourself up for what you are heading into. You should consider investments which are a sure way to always get a return on the greatness you have achieved. This lottery, like any other lottery, is a gamble so you will always win some and lose some. So, if you don’t win this time around, there is still hope and a high chance one you purchase that or those tickets. Count yourself lucky like past winners and have a positive mindset going into the gamble with millions of other buyers and hope for the best…it can happen just like it did for others before.

Fraudster Alert in the Irish Lotto

The current Irish Lotto jackpot is heading towards the €90million mark, and everyone keeps hoping that this could end up with them. While this is the case, there have been cases of attempted fraud and all the lottery players have been asked to be vigilant. There are calls that are being made, and the players are being asked to take part in a free draw, which is all fraudulent, according to the National Lottery in Ireland.

There have been calls from a number in Dublin that is asking players to take part in a free draw for the Euromillions jackpot. Even Jonathan Healy, a broadcaster is one of those people who have been called by this number. In as much there are no reports of any victims who have been duped, the National Lottery has warned people on this. They have said all the Irish Lotto results and other details are communicated through mainstream channels only.

Huge €90 million Jackpot in Waiting

This is one of the highest jackpots for the Irish Lotto and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed. As a result of the anxiety and the Irish Lotto statistics, most players are vulnerable and will do everything, they can, to get a better shot at the jackpot. This is what the spokeswoman of the National Lottery has emphasized on the working and said that the company has nothing to do with the free draw for the jackpot.

This is the second time when the Irish Lotto jackpot has come to such heights, with the last one being on January 24, when it was €88.5 million. This was scooped by a work syndicate from Dublin, who purchased the ticket at the Applegreen M1 Service Station in Lusk, Co. Dublin. There is great expectation that this may be another big win for the Irish people.

Irish Lotto Results and Winners

In the recent past, there were two winners who won a bumper jackpot of over €12 million and have already started making plans to collect their reward money. This jackpot has been going on for the last 10 weeks and stands at €12,344,809. The Irish Lotto results were released by the National Lottery, and they confirmed that the winning tickets were sold at the Topaz Service Station on Dublin Road.


The lucky numbers were 3, 7, 17, 21, 22 and 28 and also the bonus number was 2. The store manager, Paula Keegan said that she was quite happy to have sold one of the winning tickets, with such a huge amount. On the other hand, Dermot Griffin, the National Lottery CEO, said that he was happy that the jackpot was shared and said that each one should check to see if they have won.

Given the Irish Lotto statistics, there have been so many winners in the recent past, which is quite encouraging. This has motivated more people to play the lottery and wait expectantly for the Irish Lotto results, to confirm if they have won. The only thing to be cautious about is the fraudster calls that aim at duping players.

If and when you win the Irish Lotto – be sure to only speak with official representatives of the lottery and not be duped, it is easy to do when you are in the emotional state of winning the lottery to be taken advantage of. Watch out for it


Facts you should know about Swiss Lotto

Swiss Lotto* is among the most recognized Lottery games played in Switzerland. All over the globe, this game has perked the interest of many people.

From the time it was begun, the game has been providing large jackpot prizes to its players. In 2009, it made amazing history when two large lottery jackpot prizes were issued.

The jackpot prizes ranking 500 and 501 each valued at CHF 1.78 million were won by lottery players. The huge jackpot prizes inspired hundreds of players to give Swiss Lotto a try, to win huge prizes.

Playing Swiss Lotto Online

So as to choose the winning numbers, a 6/45 main number is employed by Swiss Lotto, together with a dual matrix bonus number of 1/6. When the player uses the Bonus number, the player is able to enhance his prospects of being a winner of secondary prizes.

The winning odds of the jackpot prize are reasonable. With great winning odds, grand prizes and two winning chances each week, each player wishes to be a jackpot winner of Swiss Lotto.

All that is required by the player is to select 6 figures from a guess pool varying between 1-45 plus 1 bonus figure from a guess pool that ranges between 1-6.  If the numbers on a player’s ticket match the winning numbers chosen on the day of the draw, he becomes winner of a large jackpot package!

The jackpot prize for Swiss Lotto begins at CHF 2 million. Furthermore, it gives you two opportunities each week to turn into a millionaire!

Steps for Playing Swiss Lotto Online

It is possible for you to become a millionaire! Simply play the thrilling game of Swiss Lotto online! Just register with PlayLottoWorld.com., set up an account today and become one of the enthusiastic players of Swiss Lotto.

It is possible for you to log into your account any day at any time, to join this game. You have a chance of winning exciting prizes when you play Swiss Lotto online. With Play Lotto World, you are able to play lottery comfortably from home. The purchased tickets are safe and legal.

The site offers the player privacy.

Steps to Follow

  • Select 7 numbers. It is possible for you to review previous winning numbers for Swiss Lotto and manually make your move.
  • Choose six varied figures, each between 1-45. These numbers represent the main numbers.
  • Select a single figure between 1-6. The figure is famous as ‘Bonus Number.’
  • You can present the option for ‘Quick pick’ for obtaining randomly produced numbers.
  • Finally, include the figures to your basket and make your last purchase.
  • You will then obtain a mail verifying the purchase.

Swiss Lotto Winning Results

  • 7 figures are picked from two varied drums. Six key numbers from the initial drum and a single bonus number from the second drum. So as to be a winner of the jackpot, it is necessary for the six key numbers to match.
  • The site publishes the winning results
  • Winners obtain individual mails.
  • Participants are able to win prizes even with less numbers, although winning chances increase if you have many numbers that are matching.

Claiming the prize on time is advisable as windows for prize claiming and cut off times vary from one state to another.

Helpful Websites:


UK49s Results of the Draw of Wednesday 10th of May 2017

For those who played the recent UK49s lotto game, the results are out. The draw had a jackpot of £16,042,516 and several other bonuses. Owing to this splendid amount, there were a high number of people who played the recent draw. People were supposed to match six numbers and one bonus number for them to be winners if the ultimate jackpot of 16 million pounds. Unfortunately, no one scooped the jackpot because no one matched the numbers. Below are some of the divisions and the winners in each division.

Division One and Two

Division one had no winners as stated above. Division two had no winner as well. In division two, people were supposed to match 5 numbers plus a bonus number for them to be considered winners. The six numbers were also supposed to be matched with a bonus number, but the UK49s results had no winner of the two divisions at all. These are the most lucrative divisions of UK49s because they carry the largest amount of money compared to the other divisions of the game.

Division Three and Four

In Division three, there were 40 winners. These are the people who matched five numbers but without a bonus number on top. They were given£1,320 each which translated to £52,800 in total to all the 40 winners. Division four was awarded to those who matched four numbers of the six numbers. They were over three thousand people, and they received a total reward of £340,046. Many people won, and this was termed as the most profitable draw this year.

Division Five and Six

These are the match 3 and 2. Those who matched the three numbers were 83,077, and they received a total of £25 each which translated to a total amount of £2,076,925. The people who matched two numbers were 770,865, and they were given free lotto tickets which translated to an amount of £1,541,730. The first lotto raffle had one winner who pocketed £1,000,000. Second Lotto raffle had twenty winners who won £20,000 each. Looking at the winnings, it is clear that UK49s is a noble lottery game that is worth to play. It is hard for you to come out empty handed considering that there are thousands of winners in almost all the divisions. Choose your numbers appropriately, and you might find yourself to be the luck jackpot winner.

UK49s Results are announced first then followed by the announcement of the winners’ names in every division. Because some divisions have many winners, it is hard for the UK49s authorities to announce all names. This is why people are supposed to scan their tickets once the results are out so that they confirm their numbers. Jackpot winners are normally announced not only because they are few but also for people to know that the jackpot is genuine and real. Although some people say it’s a game of chances, some have formulated strategies that help them in winning the bonuses of the draws.

If you have played the UK49s before, let us know what you thought of it and if it was just as exciting a lottery game for you as it was and is for us.


Playing Lotto 6/49 Online

As per the name, so as to play this Canadian lotto, you should choose six figures from a pool range of 1-49. It is not necessary for you to leave your house, as you can play online.

Concierge systems, which are simple to use, enable you to have access to this lottery from any place in the globe. Register an account with a certified concierge, purchase your ticket and choose the numbers you want.

The concierge is going to purchase the ticket on your behalf and scan it directly into your account so you can peruse it. Any winnings shall be shifted to your account from the concierge.

You have the option of withdrawing this quantity; alternatively, you are free to go on playing using your winnings.

Background of Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 was set up in June 1982 and is among Canada’s most famous lottery games. It was Canada’s initial national lottery to permit players to select their own numbers.

It experienced a huge change in September 2013 and numerous new features were presented, for instance a promised CA$1 million prize for a single ticket holder in every draw, jackpots beginning at CA$5 million as well as a new Free Play prize for the players who are able to match two numbers out of six.

Where to Buy Tickets

Lotto Agent is an official international website which offers an international service for buying and delivering state lottery tickets from Europe, Canada, United States, Latin America and Europe, for users from throughout the globe!

It is possible that you are accustomed to shopping comfortably on the Internet and have wondered where and how to purchase a lottery ticket online.

Sometime back, so as to buy a ticket for the lottery you prefer, it was necessary to leave the house, locate an appropriate store and even queue.

Things are now changing! With the assistance of services such as Lotto Agent, it just takes a few minutes to purchase a lotto ticket online, from your home.

Lotto Agent purchase lottery tickets in official sales areas for you, upload scanned copies to your Personal Account, send you information about the newest draw outcomes and deposit winnings to your account

Methods of Winning the Lotto 6/49

Below are tricks and tips for this lottery’s winning strategy:

  1. Make use of a great combination of even, odd, low and high numbers to form a powerful balance. Majority of the draws end up in a division between even and odd numbers.
  2. Monitor the outcomes of past draws since this might provide the key to the following draw. When you recognize a pattern, you can see which figures normally pop up in majority of the draws and the ones that have not in a long time.

45% of the time, on average, a single lottery number shall be a        repeat hit from the previous drawing.

  1. Pool your tickets and money to build a huge range of numbers with your fellow workmates, friends or family. When in a group, it is possible for you to beat the odds, winning as a team.

How to Pick your Winnings

Winners of Canadian lottery can claim smaller quantities via their concierge accounts; however, in case you have made a huge win by hitting the jackpot, you shall have to get in touch with the lottery itself.

Winners of lotto 6/49

This lottery has experienced a lot of millionaire winners; however, a team of oil employees in Canada won the hugest amount. The CAD $63 million was divided between the 17 people who purchased the tickets.

These employees took a further step by sharing the winnings with their other colleagues. In April 2013, the lottery rolled over for many weeks prior to going up to the huge CAD$63.4 million.

This quantity was won by 4 extremely fortunate players, who divided the astonishing prize among themselves.

Lotto 6/49 Informative Website

Euromillions – The Best Lottery in Europe?

The Euromillions is now a staple draw to lotto players throughout Europe, but it wasn’t always this way. Back in the lottery doldrums of the 20th century the notion of a lottery game that would span multiple European countries with a guaranteed jackpot of €15 million was a dream that many thought not possible in the foreseeable future. What has happened in the past 20 years is twice as good as we could have hoped for back then.

We now have a lottery game that spans multiple European countries with high minimum jackpots taking place twice a week! So, is the Euromillions the best lottery in Europe?

History of the Euromillions

The Euromillions has been going strong since it was first drawn in 2004 when it was an inter-state lottery purely between France & UK. The UK National Lottery and the French Loto had been successful ‘proof of concepts’ for the two countries and from a business point of view, merging their potential players into one draw was a no-brainer at the time. This double-country-draw was instantly a hit and quickly received new suitors from neighboring countries such as Spain, Ireland & Switzerland that wanted to join up and create the behemoth draw that we are familiar with today.


Euromillions Today

Euromillions today is the lottery game within Europe. The draw itself is a bi-weekly draw that takes place on Tuesdays & Fridays, and we wish they did it more often. The way that the draw is built was intended to create large jackpots with huge rollovers to excite the players, and its worked. The draw structure was created to push up the jackpots and this is exactly what has happened over recent years. The starting jackpot for this draw is €15 million and this figure quickly rises with a few draws of no winners. As of writing this piece, the record jackpot for the Euromillions stands at €190,000,000 and the current jackpot is €97 million.


The Best Lottery in Europe

The Euromillions often has the biggest jackpots in Europe and aside from possibly, the US Powerball it often has the biggest jackpots in the world. What makes it the best lottery in Europe as far as we are concerned is a mixture between the large and consistent jackpots, the prize divisions and access to play and view the draw live from any corner of the world. The Euromillions has an incredible 13 different prize divisions with the lowest having odds as little as 1 in 22. The Euromillions is a game for all, these abundant prize divisions equate to more winners, albeit small winners, but winners non-the less.

Drawbacks of the Euromillions

One of the main drawbacks of the Euromillions is that, with its huge player base, there is no reason why it couldn’t be an even more fun and exciting lottery if it was drawn three times a week. Three drawings a week has been proved a successful concept by the Italian Superenalotto draw which takes place on a Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. A draw with as many potential players as the Euromillions could easily support a tri-weekly draw. We vote for Sunday! it is the perfect day for an additional lottery draw with almost no current draws taking place on a Sunday the Euromillions could easily fill in the void and make Sunday its own. Until then, the Euromillions will always be a great draw and we still count it as the best of Europe, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.



Despite a lot of competition and many established draws in the space, the Euromillions stands out amongst its peers and we think rightly so as the best lottery in Europe. Closely followed, we must say, by the Eurojackpot & The Italian Superenalotto which are both great lottery games.

How to Win Euromillions

In the United States, there are all kinds of lottery organizations, particularly for National Lottery and Statewide. Other countries have their own lotteries also.


Euromillions involves a lot of states under European Union. It was initially started in 2004 in Spain, France and United Kingdom. It has extended its players to Belgium, Austria, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Ireland.

This Powerball-kind lotto is a little complicated and the odds of obtaining the jackpot are more than seventy six million. Five figures from 1-50 are selected, together with two additional Lucky numbers from 1-9. An overall of seven correct figures needs to be selected to as to obtain the winning prize.

Tips for Winning EuroMillions

An important tip is to compare numbers from previous draws. Since two independent sets of balls are utilized, the numbers 1-9 are almost easy initially.

Firstly, where the first five numbers are concerned, know how frequently they are drawn. Examining previous numbers can assist to locate a specific pattern.

Playing on the strength of its history, the initial set of figures can be played. The prospects of obtaining similar hit from previous lottery numbers would be almost 50%.

The last couple of figures might be more difficult, since at times it eliminates the game’s possible gambling rhythm. Nine numbers might be available; however, to select one for two sets might not be simple, even if carried out smartly.

Yet, similar principle is put into use as only nine of them are available and the solution is checking which figure is used regularly. Normally, combination plays assist, mainly by obtaining an odd-even set.

There are rare happenings when one number is in play; therefore, it falls in the category of  ‘least likely figure to show up.’ Like in the case of blackjack, an ace is not always counted as an eleven if set against a higher card.  After selecting the combination of odd-even, it should be split, so as to play lower and upper half.

In essence, playing Euromillions is a skill for gambling, which requires being aware of the history of previously drawn numbers.