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As per the name, so as to play this Canadian lotto, you should choose six figures from a pool range of 1-49. It is not necessary for you to leave your house, as you can play online.

Concierge systems, which are simple to use, enable you to have access to this lottery from any place in the globe. Register an account with a certified concierge, purchase your ticket and choose the numbers you want.

The concierge is going to purchase the ticket on your behalf and scan it directly into your account so you can peruse it. Any winnings shall be shifted to your account from the concierge.

You have the option of withdrawing this quantity; alternatively, you are free to go on playing using your winnings.

Background of Lotto 6/49

Lotto 6/49 was set up in June 1982 and is among Canada’s most famous lottery games. It was Canada’s initial national lottery to permit players to select their own numbers.

It experienced a huge change in September 2013 and numerous new features were presented, for instance a promised CA$1 million prize for a single ticket holder in every draw, jackpots beginning at CA$5 million as well as a new Free Play prize for the players who are able to match two numbers out of six.

Where to Buy Tickets

Lotto Agent is an official international website which offers an international service for buying and delivering state lottery tickets from Europe, Canada, United States, Latin America and Europe, for users from throughout the globe!

It is possible that you are accustomed to shopping comfortably on the Internet and have wondered where and how to purchase a lottery ticket online.

Sometime back, so as to buy a ticket for the lottery you prefer, it was necessary to leave the house, locate an appropriate store and even queue.

Things are now changing! With the assistance of services such as Lotto Agent, it just takes a few minutes to purchase a lotto ticket online, from your home.

Lotto Agent purchase lottery tickets in official sales areas for you, upload scanned copies to your Personal Account, send you information about the newest draw outcomes and deposit winnings to your account

Methods of Winning the Lotto 6/49

Below are tricks and tips for this lottery’s winning strategy:

  1. Make use of a great combination of even, odd, low and high numbers to form a powerful balance. Majority of the draws end up in a division between even and odd numbers.
  2. Monitor the outcomes of past draws since this might provide the key to the following draw. When you recognize a pattern, you can see which figures normally pop up in majority of the draws and the ones that have not in a long time.

45% of the time, on average, a single lottery number shall be a        repeat hit from the previous drawing.

  1. Pool your tickets and money to build a huge range of numbers with your fellow workmates, friends or family. When in a group, it is possible for you to beat the odds, winning as a team.

How to Pick your Winnings

Winners of Canadian lottery can claim smaller quantities via their concierge accounts; however, in case you have made a huge win by hitting the jackpot, you shall have to get in touch with the lottery itself.

Winners of lotto 6/49

This lottery has experienced a lot of millionaire winners; however, a team of oil employees in Canada won the hugest amount. The CAD $63 million was divided between the 17 people who purchased the tickets.

These employees took a further step by sharing the winnings with their other colleagues. In April 2013, the lottery rolled over for many weeks prior to going up to the huge CAD$63.4 million.

This quantity was won by 4 extremely fortunate players, who divided the astonishing prize among themselves.

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