By | May 30, 2017

For those who played the recent UK49s lotto game, the results are out. The draw had a jackpot of £16,042,516 and several other bonuses. Owing to this splendid amount, there were a high number of people who played the recent draw. People were supposed to match six numbers and one bonus number for them to be winners if the ultimate jackpot of 16 million pounds. Unfortunately, no one scooped the jackpot because no one matched the numbers. Below are some of the divisions and the winners in each division.

Division One and Two

Division one had no winners as stated above. Division two had no winner as well. In division two, people were supposed to match 5 numbers plus a bonus number for them to be considered winners. The six numbers were also supposed to be matched with a bonus number, but the UK49s results had no winner of the two divisions at all. These are the most lucrative divisions of UK49s because they carry the largest amount of money compared to the other divisions of the game.

Division Three and Four

In Division three, there were 40 winners. These are the people who matched five numbers but without a bonus number on top. They were given£1,320 each which translated to £52,800 in total to all the 40 winners. Division four was awarded to those who matched four numbers of the six numbers. They were over three thousand people, and they received a total reward of £340,046. Many people won, and this was termed as the most profitable draw this year.

Division Five and Six

These are the match 3 and 2. Those who matched the three numbers were 83,077, and they received a total of £25 each which translated to a total amount of £2,076,925. The people who matched two numbers were 770,865, and they were given free lotto tickets which translated to an amount of £1,541,730. The first lotto raffle had one winner who pocketed £1,000,000. Second Lotto raffle had twenty winners who won £20,000 each. Looking at the winnings, it is clear that UK49s is a noble lottery game that is worth to play. It is hard for you to come out empty handed considering that there are thousands of winners in almost all the divisions. Choose your numbers appropriately, and you might find yourself to be the luck jackpot winner.

UK49s Results are announced first then followed by the announcement of the winners’ names in every division. Because some divisions have many winners, it is hard for the UK49s authorities to announce all names. This is why people are supposed to scan their tickets once the results are out so that they confirm their numbers. Jackpot winners are normally announced not only because they are few but also for people to know that the jackpot is genuine and real. Although some people say it’s a game of chances, some have formulated strategies that help them in winning the bonuses of the draws.

If you have played the UK49s before, let us know what you thought of it and if it was just as exciting a lottery game for you as it was and is for us.