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Swiss Lotto* is among the most recognized Lottery games played in Switzerland. All over the globe, this game has perked the interest of many people.

From the time it was begun, the game has been providing large jackpot prizes to its players. In 2009, it made amazing history when two large lottery jackpot prizes were issued.

The jackpot prizes ranking 500 and 501 each valued at CHF 1.78 million were won by lottery players. The huge jackpot prizes inspired hundreds of players to give Swiss Lotto a try, to win huge prizes.

Playing Swiss Lotto Online

So as to choose the winning numbers, a 6/45 main number is employed by Swiss Lotto, together with a dual matrix bonus number of 1/6. When the player uses the Bonus number, the player is able to enhance his prospects of being a winner of secondary prizes.

The winning odds of the jackpot prize are reasonable. With great winning odds, grand prizes and two winning chances each week, each player wishes to be a jackpot winner of Swiss Lotto.

All that is required by the player is to select 6 figures from a guess pool varying between 1-45 plus 1 bonus figure from a guess pool that ranges between 1-6.  If the numbers on a player’s ticket match the winning numbers chosen on the day of the draw, he becomes winner of a large jackpot package!

The jackpot prize for Swiss Lotto begins at CHF 2 million. Furthermore, it gives you two opportunities each week to turn into a millionaire!

Steps for Playing Swiss Lotto Online

It is possible for you to become a millionaire! Simply play the thrilling game of Swiss Lotto online! Just register with, set up an account today and become one of the enthusiastic players of Swiss Lotto.

It is possible for you to log into your account any day at any time, to join this game. You have a chance of winning exciting prizes when you play Swiss Lotto online. With Play Lotto World, you are able to play lottery comfortably from home. The purchased tickets are safe and legal.

The site offers the player privacy.

Steps to Follow

  • Select 7 numbers. It is possible for you to review previous winning numbers for Swiss Lotto and manually make your move.
  • Choose six varied figures, each between 1-45. These numbers represent the main numbers.
  • Select a single figure between 1-6. The figure is famous as ‘Bonus Number.’
  • You can present the option for ‘Quick pick’ for obtaining randomly produced numbers.
  • Finally, include the figures to your basket and make your last purchase.
  • You will then obtain a mail verifying the purchase.

Swiss Lotto Winning Results

  • 7 figures are picked from two varied drums. Six key numbers from the initial drum and a single bonus number from the second drum. So as to be a winner of the jackpot, it is necessary for the six key numbers to match.
  • The site publishes the winning results
  • Winners obtain individual mails.
  • Participants are able to win prizes even with less numbers, although winning chances increase if you have many numbers that are matching.

Claiming the prize on time is advisable as windows for prize claiming and cut off times vary from one state to another.

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