By | June 13, 2017

The current Irish Lotto jackpot is heading towards the €90million mark, and everyone keeps hoping that this could end up with them. While this is the case, there have been cases of attempted fraud and all the lottery players have been asked to be vigilant. There are calls that are being made, and the players are being asked to take part in a free draw, which is all fraudulent, according to the National Lottery in Ireland.

There have been calls from a number in Dublin that is asking players to take part in a free draw for the Euromillions jackpot. Even Jonathan Healy, a broadcaster is one of those people who have been called by this number. In as much there are no reports of any victims who have been duped, the National Lottery has warned people on this. They have said all the Irish Lotto results and other details are communicated through mainstream channels only.

Huge €90 million Jackpot in Waiting

This is one of the highest jackpots for the Irish Lotto and everyone is keeping their fingers crossed. As a result of the anxiety and the Irish Lotto statistics, most players are vulnerable and will do everything, they can, to get a better shot at the jackpot. This is what the spokeswoman of the National Lottery has emphasized on the working and said that the company has nothing to do with the free draw for the jackpot.

This is the second time when the Irish Lotto jackpot has come to such heights, with the last one being on January 24, when it was €88.5 million. This was scooped by a work syndicate from Dublin, who purchased the ticket at the Applegreen M1 Service Station in Lusk, Co. Dublin. There is great expectation that this may be another big win for the Irish people.

Irish Lotto Results and Winners

In the recent past, there were two winners who won a bumper jackpot of over €12 million and have already started making plans to collect their reward money. This jackpot has been going on for the last 10 weeks and stands at €12,344,809. The Irish Lotto results were released by the National Lottery, and they confirmed that the winning tickets were sold at the Topaz Service Station on Dublin Road.


The lucky numbers were 3, 7, 17, 21, 22 and 28 and also the bonus number was 2. The store manager, Paula Keegan said that she was quite happy to have sold one of the winning tickets, with such a huge amount. On the other hand, Dermot Griffin, the National Lottery CEO, said that he was happy that the jackpot was shared and said that each one should check to see if they have won.

Given the Irish Lotto statistics, there have been so many winners in the recent past, which is quite encouraging. This has motivated more people to play the lottery and wait expectantly for the Irish Lotto results, to confirm if they have won. The only thing to be cautious about is the fraudster calls that aim at duping players.

If and when you win the Irish Lotto – be sure to only speak with official representatives of the lottery and not be duped, it is easy to do when you are in the emotional state of winning the lottery to be taken advantage of. Watch out for it